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About Us


EWUSA is Pakistan’s leading e-commerce company. We have in house financial management, designing, and packaging skills.  Along with that, we have extensive experience in international trade and online store development. In other words, instead of selling on Amazon and eBay, we help manufactures reach consumers directly. We are in business for over 25 years, with a client list of over 1000 satisfied business partners worldwide.

Before working with us, many of our clients used only Amazon or eBay as an online store for their manufactured goods. Today, they use EWUSA, receiving better profits and opportunities. Our team of business professionals, graphic designers, Quality assurance specialists, web developers and content writers help our clients reach more customers.

Furthermore, we make sure that our business partners thrive and excel. With the help of our brilliant business and production expertise, we help our business partners achieve great success.


Our Mission 

  • Help manufacturers reach more customers directly through an online store. Hence, they can earn more by cutting the middleman such as Amazon and eBay.
  • Assist manufactures in improving their quality and reduce the production cost.
  • Improve the lives of the workers of our business partners. Through education, training and better wages
  • Provide e-commerce training to under privilege youth. So, they can be part of EWUSA team.
  • Provide products to consumers all over the world, that are high in quality and less in prices

We are your Online Store

If you sell locally, or to a brand, that pays you very little for your product, then think of working with us.

We will develop the branding (logo, name packaging etc) for your products, as well. With that, we help you improve your profit margins. Talk to us to learn more about how we can work together.

We are your Amazon and eBay of niche products

Our team chooses the best niche products for EWUSA for our customers. Unlike, Amazon or eBay, we don’t want our customers to struggle to find the best option. That’s why if we see talent and beauty in your product, we give you the best possible service and support.

We also provide services to our customers long after the purchase. We want to provide them with a delightful journey with our products, all the way.

If Amazon or eBay are, what you think of when looking for an online store, then here is a second option. EWUSA offers you better quality, with the best service.